John "Yianni" Stamas and his Magic Neighbors Troupe make a difference in the Bronx. When Yianni Stamas and his Video Film Web Studios were hired by the NYC Department of Education to facilitate the documentary "for students by students" for the High School for Violin and Dance at in the South Bronx, he came to realize the challenges that exist and the spirited efforts that are being made to overcome them. Yianni decided to further enhance the documentary efforts by pulling together an outreach troupe from his Magic Neighbors group as seen on the Mother Goose NYC website, and did a performance at the Morrisannia Branch of the New York Public Library as a part of the NYPL's Lights Camera Read contest for which he is co-creator. He has now turned his attention to partnering with Rodger Taylor and Matt Rudansky. Of Rudansky it has been said
he is...

"...A gifted educator whose talent and perceptiveness connects deeply with the minds of young people."

Stamas, Taylor and Rudansky are Green Panthers NYC.


Yianni Stamas (rear, left) next to
Mother Goose NYC at and the rest of the Magic Neighbors Outreach.
magic neighbors

Top left to right, Manhattan Magician Yianni, Mother Goose NYC, Little Princess Magician, 2nd row from top - Paris Goldilocks, Blanco Bear, Joe the Woodsman, Dream the Princess. Front left to right -Harley and Genesis.

Says Yianni

"theater outreach in a library venue can be a transformational experience for performers and audience alike. On behalf of the troupe I can assuredly say that we enjoyed performing as much as the kids enjoyed the magic tricks, puppets and story participation."



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Image descriptionDenise Morgan is a media teacher at the High School for Violin and Dance. A 15 minute documentary about her and others from the school can be seen here >>

Private Schools

Image descriptionPrivate schools in the United States are often religious in nature, but not always. While almost every organized religion in the United States today has some kind of primary or secondary education, there are also private schools that are just that. Parents often choose private school education for their children to keep them away from the very real problems or public school.

Private religious schools have the advantage that public schools can not offer, like the church and state must be separate. Some parents and others do not want in public school settings are changed and the religious sense which has been inculcated in children, also why opt for choosing a private school. Thousands of parents across the country make great sacrifices for their children to attend primary and secondary education in a private school. Sometimes it is simply the reputation of the school that draws the parents to send their children there. You can also influence in these schools, fewer students per class and private school teachers are able to give their students more individualized attention, almost unprecedented in public school. Parents who choose private school for their children.


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