This is the story that won a Pia a Tribeca Screening Room
and is an entry from last year's contest:

"The Pony Who Wanted To Skateboard" Written by A.J. Englebert
(age 2) with help from his Aunt (adapted to skit form by Yianni Stamas)
(Inspired by The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss)

Once upon a time there was a pony who had a dream of being able to skateboard. So he went to his mother, who was a horse and said to her –


Neigh by the way in pony talk means mama I want to skateboard really fast down the street. Can you all go “neigh”? Ready, one, two, three “neigh”.

Very good. And when the pony said neigh to his mother the horse, do you know what they mama of the pony said? That’s right, she said…


Do you what neigh means in pony mama talk? It means, “no son, I love you too much to let you skateboard fast and I also don’t think you are quite old enough, but when you are there are a bunch of safety things you need to do.” Isn’t that incredible, pony mama talk is fascinating. So much information in a single neigh. Let’s all do neigh again. Are your ready, one, two three…neigh!

Well the pony was very disappointed that his mama didn’t want him skateboard and although he was a bad pony for not doing what his mother wanted him to, he also was a smart pony and explored what his mother had implied regarding safety gear and got kneepads and a helmet and then began skateboarding and sure enough it got really good at it. So good in fact he got endorsement deals from the company that made the safety gear in the millions as well as plummeted to international stardom on YouTube as the skateboard riding pony who put safety first.

When the pony’s mama heard about her son’s fame and fortune she was at first angry that the pony had disobeyed her but after she learned that he was safe from harm’s way she kissed him and hugged him which is hard to do with hoofs. And they lived happily ever after and oh – by the way –with the safety gear endorsement deal loot they bought a new stall with a really cool hay dispenser. The End.


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